Age Out EGF - Age reversal treatment

Science has confirmed that the “Intercellular Communication” between skin cells through epidermal growth factors (EGF) as messengers constitutes a key element in fighting the ageing process of the skin.

Dialogue (communication between cells) is essential for skin regeneration, repair and growth. However with age and adverse environmental conditions, this communication process is reduced. Due to the reduced release of epidermal growth factors (EGF), the activity of skin cells decreases. Less collagen, less  elastin and less hyaluronic acid are synthesized strongly affecting the structure network that supports the skin.

Exposed to harmful radiations, stress and pollution, the skin tends to age prematurely losing vitality, energy and density.

To fight this process, ELDAN has developed a new revolutionary technologically advanced anti-age treatment which works at a cellular level via “epidermal to dermal communication”.

Exceptional texture containing powerful actives selected to reverse the ageing process by the newest skin care technology which by stimulating the Epidermal Dermal cell to cell communication helps

– activate the natural growth factors of the skin
– boost collagen, elastin hyaluronic acid production
– renew the skin’s resilience and firmness
– reverse the ageing process
– rejuvenate the skin matrix and improve the biomechanical properties of the skin as well as its quality.

Paraben- & mineral oil-free. Made in Italy