Eldan Hydro C Anti-stress

Vitamins are essential and indispensable elements for our well-being and play a precious part in the fight against ageing and particularly against skin aging.

The Le Prestige vitaminised skin care series of products HYDRO-C contains Vitamin C known for its exceptional therapeutic properties. It re-energises cellular metabolism and strengthens the body’s natural defences.

HYDRO-C treatment are the response to polluted urban environments, UV rays and particularly UVA’s damages, free-radicals that daily threaten the cells and engender premature skin aging, and hiperpigmentation.

Who needs HYDRO-C?
• People who live in urban polluting zones
• People who are under physical and psychological stress
• People who by life style or profession, are constantly outside exposing
the skin to sun or to atmospheric agents
• People who by lifestyle or nutrition habit, have a toneless and opaque skin.

When are HYDRO-C treatments advised?
• before and after Summer and Winter vacations; each season change
namely Spring and Autumn
• during the critical phases of the menopause and of the andropause
• after a plastic surgery
• before and after long travels comprising an important time lag or an
important difference in climate conditions.

Paraben- & mineral oil-free. Made in Italy