ELDAN Cosmetics - ECTA Essence Retexturing Concentrate 15ml
ECTA Essence Retexturing Concentrate 15ml
Eldan Cosmetics

ECTA Essence Retexturing Concentrate 15ml

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The ECTA Essence Retexturing Concentrate helps to restore your skin. Carefully formulated with a high concentration of active ingredients, this light essence restores smoothness and softness, reduces wrinkles, firms the skin adding to your skins overall increased radiance.

The essence, which includes an innovative complex of components consisting of ectoin, iris isoflavones, Aglikaline2, Bioami Skin and Matriksil. 

Ectoin is a universal bioprotector that stabilizes the protein structures of the skin, improves oxygenation and cellular metabolism. 

Bioami Skin intensively hydrates the skin, restores the optimal level of moisture. 

Carnosine protects proteins from glycosylation, neutralizes free radicals and binds heavy metal ions.

Iris isoflavones possess estrogen-like activity, stimulate collagen production in the dermis and the formation of new epidermal cells.

The tool has a powerful anti-aging effect, restores skin elasticity, healthy appearance and radiance.

Active ingredients: 
methylsilanol mannuronate, extract of Florentine iris, ectoin, panthenol, carnosine, Bioami Skin, matrixyl.

Application area

Apply the product with massage movements on the face and neck after cleansing and toning; used as a stand-alone tool or in combination with a cream or mask, the best effect is observed when used in combination with ECTA solution total retexturizing cream (ELD / S-152). 

Skin Types: 
dry, oily, combined, normal, pigmented, sensitive

Age: 40+

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