Eye Serum 15ml
Eye Serum 15ml
Eldan Cosmetics

Eye Serum 15ml

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The Eldan Eye Serum increases elasticity, decreases swelling and dark circles and smooths fine wrinkles.

Means is intended for deep moistening of a dry and thin skin of a periorbital zone. Part of the extract of the root of the eagle stalky improves microcirculation, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, has lymphatic drainage effect. Sodium hyaluronate stimulates cell proliferation, forms an invisible moisturizing film and effectively fights the first signs of aging. 

With regular use of serum, the skin becomes more elastic, its water-holding capacity increases, swelling decreases, dark circles gradually lighten, fine wrinkles are smoothed. Due to its gel-like texture, the preparation is easy to apply, leaving no stickiness.

Application area: 

Skin Types: 
dry, oily, combined, normal, pigmented, problematic, sensitive

Age: 20+

Active ingredients: 
extract of iglitsa root barbed, panthenol, sodium hyaluronate

Made in Italy

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