ELDAN Cosmetics - LIPS CONTOUR Anti-wrinkle refiner 10 ml
LIPS CONTOUR Anti-wrinkle refiner 10 ml
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LIPS CONTOUR Anti-wrinkle refiner 10 ml

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This is a two phase formulation that helps fight against fine lines and wrinkles above the upper lip.  It also restore the lip tissue and helps to reduce lipstick bleeding or feathering.

ELDAN Cosmetics Lips Contour refiner has been formulated with an exclusive combination of a gentle exfoliating agent, an anti free radical scavenger and with selected botanical oils renown for their nourishing and conditioning properties.  It can be used several times during the day as a first step before your lipstick application.

It’s easy use, first shake the container in order to obtain a uniform emulsion and then distribute particularly onto the contour of your lips. Then tap dry gently until totally absorbed by the skin.

For all skin types

Top ingredients:

Lactic acid: keratolitic
Tocotrienols: anti-oxidant
Jojoba oil: emollient
Argan oil: emollient
Vitamin E: anti-oxidant

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