Physiogene Rd diffused redness 250ml
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Physiogene Rd diffused redness 250ml

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A lotion by Eldan with an intense firming, soothing and protective action for skin prone to rosacea.


Active Items: Bilberry extract and panthenol

This is tonic for all skin types with impaired epidermal barrier and increased vascular fragility. Effectively reduces the vascular response of the skin, reducing hyperaemia and irritation. Bilberry extract strengthens the walls of capillaries, increases their elasticity, and improves microcirculation. This tonic has a soothing effect, perfectly moisturises, softens, and restores damaged skin. Neutralises the pH balance and prepares the skin for the subsequent stages of care. Recommended after injection procedures and peels.

Due to the harmoniously balanced composition, enriched with natural blueberry extract, glycine and panthenol, tonic helps to effectively eliminate the vascular reaction of the skin, prone to rosacea. 

The tonic activates the processes of blood circulation and microcirculation, saturates the cells of the epidermis with oxygen, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, prevents the appearance of new manifestations of rosacea, reliably protects against the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation and other adverse environmental factors.


Soak a cotton pad with tonic, wipe problem areas of the face. The procedure is carried out daily in the morning and evening.

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